Youth Programs

Youth Programs

Positive youth development initiatives help young people build their sense of self, future aspirations, self-control, self-efficacy, and social, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral competence. STC's youth programs give young people access to general essentials, education, and networks of supportive adults.

Shoes for Youth

Help underprivileged youth by gifting brand-new pairs of proper fitting sneakers.

Due to economic circumstances, many families struggle and can not afford to purchase their children's bare essentials. Shoes for Youth wants every child to have confidence, enjoy their school experience, fulfill their k-12 physical and academic potential, attend college, and become productive, self-sufficient adults.

ISD Partnerships

As young people strive to serve their communities amid extraordinary disruption, chaplains contribute to collegiate living and learning.

Children and teens contribute in various ways, including helping them heal from traumatic events, express their emotions, develop positive decision-making and problem-solving skills, form healthy social relationships, and communicate problems and concerns more effectively.